Meet Our Team and Skills

Each mamber equip with various skills set that covers the whole ecosystem required to deliver a full set of system. We value each other and we deliver the task as best as we could. 

System Design Architect

Yousri Taibin


Young Entrepreneur that start his career from trainee engineer in RnD until appointed as Head of Technical Marketing Manager within 6 years in known Telecommunication Solutions Provider Company. Starting his own business in 2012 and ventures into ICT and Network Solution Provider.

Amirul Anwar Md Zulkifli

Freelance Backend | System Programmer

Start his internship in Swiss Link company make the engagement continue for some of our module that want to outsource. Since he know and close with our work culture make him always been an option for any system that want to develop.

Siti Hajar Ibrahim

Software Developer

 Responsible in back-end development using php languange and laravel framework.
Some of the projects involved are state-level digital application system KelantanPay, customer management system for City Broadband, and talent management system for NGOs.


M Effandi b M Noor

Director (Comercial)

Effandi holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Vand erbilt University, USA. He attended the Business Management Program by University of Melbourne, Australia and completed the Leadership Development Program by TWP, USA as well as Leadership Innovation & Strategy Program by GE Crotonville. Effandi began his career in 1998 with Malaysia’s only Fortune 500 Company and possesses a proven track record in achieving significant successes in the area of strategic and tactical planning, negotiation, operational excellence, business improvement, project management and marketing.

Siti Rahayu Yaumi

Full Stack Programmer

Start her internship with the company with a task to create a new enforcement apps together with Bluetooth printer. Implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application  supported by back-end web developers, who are responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work front-end developers do. Developing front end website architecture, designing user interactions on web pages, developing back end website applications, and creating servers and databases for functionality includes ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.

Nur Hamizah Abdul Rashid

Administrative Officer

Start her career at Swiss Link Communications in 2017. Responsible for company documentations and financial activity as well maintaining good relationship with customers and suppliers. She also makes sure we hire the right guy and attend to the well being of team.

Nur Zarifah Mohd Zain

Front End Programmer

Responsible in website designing include determining the structure and design of web pages, striking a balance between functional and aesthetic design and ensuring web design is optimized for smartphones.

Nurul Asha Jeffridin

Junior Software Developer

Starts internship at this company by assisting in the development, implementation and management of technology-based business solutions